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16 Mar 2005
You can't believe everything you read about me...

My good friend Norman Paperman wrote on my wall:
Spring break with Newt, circa 1970 something:
You can get to Tucson for lunch, but you can't get back to So Cal for dinner. May as well go on to El Paso, meaning Juarez Mexico, for dinner. By weeks end we had been to Guadalajara, back into the US at Brownsville in a pickup truck Newt bought in Chihuahua from two ladies named Leti and Marisol. Gentleman that he is, Newt invited them to come along. Somewhere around South Padre Island we lost track of the girls and the truck. We took a Greyhound back to El Paso where (at the beginning) we had parked and walked over the border.
That week is logged in my memory as Hurricane Newt!

My rebuttal:
That Spring Break was in 1975. I was 17, but easily passed for the 23 that was on my fake ID. I see that Norman Paperman is still using his fake ID birthdate in 1947. I can't complain, because I'm still using March 16, Henny Youngman's and Jerry Louis' birthday, as mine.

I'll admit to that 1975 Spring Break adventure, but I never was on the Venezuelan-registry ferry boat, Virgen del Valle, that shuttled cars and people to Margarita Island. Since the vessel caught fire and was destroyed at La Cruz, Venezuela, on 7 August, 1997, any potential evidence of me or Norm ever having been on that vessel is now long gone for good.



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