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17 Apr 2007
It's hard to Market a Book!

Something I've noticed at writer convention bookstores is that novels don't sell. "How to..." books do.

Something I've noticed in writer groups is that novels don't sell. Those writers who are published wish their books would sell better. Writers who are trying to break through are focused on how to make that break. Nobody is into buying a fellow writer's new book.

I've noticed that conventions that focus on including the readers and folks who work at bookstores tend to move books. That's great, but those events only happen once a year per each, and for a given genre, only one or a few per year occur. That's because the fans don't have the cash to travel everywhere and still buy books.

Given the above, it would make marketing sense to find where readers congregate when not at the CONs. Find them and market to them.

Sure, some of them are in reading clubs, like on Y!, but just joining, announcing and running is usually viewed with disdain. Joining, participating, and building a loyal following before announcing the book works well, but who has time to infiltrate all those writing groups prior to announcing?

It is a hard thing to market a book, even for big publishers.


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