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2 Jun 2007
I have to use this in a SF novel someday!

"They are almost here. Why are you taking so long? Just jump into the past and fix it," Pamela said.
"Time travel isn't as easy as flipping the pages of a history book. It's a metric-buttload of mathematics. The planet's rotating while it's spinning around the sun that is revolving around the galactic core, that is in motion relative to the rest of the galaxies in the universe. If I don't get the math right, instead of popping in at the local tea shop, we could materialize inside the sun or solid rock or in the vacuum of space."
"So now might be one of those times I should be quiet and let you concentrate?"
"That would be right."
Vance checked the planet and the sun positions. The time it took to answer Pamela gave a few more moments of planetary and solar motion, thus allowing for a more precise measure of the entrophic drag on their rotational rates.
That was enough to be certain of a short term jump. He could jump a few hours and then take the time for a very accurate measurment set he needed for a big jump. He calculated when and where this parking space would be last night at midnight. He prayed to the gods of science, hoping his calculations were right, then pressed the doubled diamond button.



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