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3 Jun 2007
Reviwed by Liz!

Over at Reviewed By Liz Liz reviews crime fiction. She grew tired of reviewers who seemed to never read more that the first chapter, making it obvious they had not read the book. She grew tired of reviewers who (for job protection or some reason) refused to call a bad book bad. She decided to start her own web site to give her honest reviews of books she had read. She blogs the reveiews, and happilly discusses the book and the review with folks who post comments on her blog. When is the last time you have been able to debate a book's review with the reviewer?

This is part of what she says about herself:
I ... am going to concentrate on “lighter” mysteries.
The mystery book segment of the publishing world
is now huge and varied. At some point, I realized that
I was more interested in books that didn’t involve
excessive gore, torture, and other things that make
you squirm while reading. I am not a wimp, but I want
to read books that are enjoyable, not unpleasant. I’m
not going to limit myself to just cozy mysteries, but I am
going to avoid hack and slash and hard core procedural
books (unless I hear they are really good).

I am also going to search out books by new authors and
small publishing houses. I have grown disenchanted with
some of the big names in the mystery world at the moment
and want characters and plots that are new and fresh. I feel
as if I am embarking on a new reading adventure – scouring
the mystery world for the tastiest books out there! I would
love it if you would join me in this quest.

Liz is independent, and proud of it. Her style has attracted a lot of folks who value her critiques. You should go check out her web site just for that, alone.

But wait, there's more!

This summer, Liz has thrown down the challenge to her clients to read a book from six authors they haven't read before. With the help of her husband Bob, they have arranged a new author each day for you to meet on the blog. The author is supposed to check into the blog a few times a day, answering questions and chatting.

On the 23rd of June, I am the featured author. I plan on being on a lot of the day, attempting to make my debut novel sound interesting, I hope some of you drop by and ask me questions.

In the mean time, you should drop by and read the past blogs for the other authors that have already had their day. Liz will be pleased to see her site connecting so many people within the reading realm.



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