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23 Jun 2007
An excange I had on http://www.reviewedbyliz.com/

Norman Paperman wrote:
     I was asking about the supporting cast,
     such as Beewaxer [witnessing the climax of HTSS],
     or Roland Dyce getting his hair cut at
     [Rita’s hair salon in HTSS],
     that sort of little overlap…
Mr. Paperman, sir! You ave read my novel! Thank you!

You make an interesting point, and after explaining it to me twice, I think I have it.

Yes, maybe I should do some self referential writing. I am already a big fan of intertextuality, and leave major messages imbedded in the prose, like a sideband message on a regular radio signal. If I add self referential passages and characters, it could be a shorthand sidebar commentary that would be noticed by my regular readers that would be innocuous to the casual reader.

I will ponder on the matter. I predict that you will have converted me to the Robert Parker school of reusable characters and scenery.

Norman Paperman . . . by chance, are you from California? You have such a deft touch as a director; and wanting to direct is a typical Californian trait. ;-) I am guessing that we have met before. If not, I am sure we could become friends… that is, if we could both quickly tell finely crafted truth from full frontal fiction.



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