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26 Jun 2007
My God Drives a Tow Truck

There were lots of times I felt like a failure for not finding a way to have my first marriage work out. When I told God and everyone "I do," I really did mean it all. Every word. When she left me to marry someone else, I was devastated. I became yet another person who whined "How could God let this happen?"

It took a while, but I came to understand that God is not in the prevention business. What is sewn is reaped. It has to be that way, otherwise we would not be free will beings. She had her free will, and of my own, I chose to stay in the hopeless circumstances until her free will moved her into her new husband's life.

What I came to know is that God is in the Salvage Business. After the final total wreck of free will had happened, and the consequences had arrived, God moved in with his salvage crew of angels, and transformed my life. From out of the blue, folks from my childhood --children of God-- initiated contact and were suddenly back in my life. I met a new lady, Nance, who convinced me that being angry with God was stupid, and got me back to praying. Jobs changed and much for the better. Almost nothing in my old life is in my new life, except the friends that were true.

So, now when I hear someone say "How could God let this happen?" I know what to say. My God is not in the prevention business. He doesn't build seawalls or levees to keep big storms at bay. The world is in motion, and so are we. Our free will actions dictate the events of the next day. Big violent and cathartic things happen, and smash lives.

What does my God do? He drives a tow truck. He is an expert in the salvage and restoration business. He has crews that work night and day behind the scenes hauling away the flotsam and jetsam of wrecked lives, rebuilding the structures where our souls dwell, and the spaces we inhabit together. For his glory, lives are rebuilt better than new. My God drives a big strong tow truck, that can haul anyone's life from the pit of despair back onto solid ground, where a complete restoration and renovation is made.

Blessings on your path.



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