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12 July 2007
Good and Evil versus Personal Baggage

About whether there is good and evil, and those nagging book questions, (except for Brenda's, which are divine), I'd just like to say (in a loud voice, so as to be heard over the usual pub hub-bub and noise):

Personal baggage? Everyone has baggage. You just have to hope that you each have an interesting set, so that when you take a trip together, your bags will look cool rolling around in the baggage carousel like puppies in a box.

If you have old, tired baggage, I suggest dumping it, and starting over, fresh. Try just a backpack (full of party favors) for a while. Traveling light can be fun.

Picnic along the way, and smell every rose and orchid that you can. Become a lotus eater.

Steal time from the universe and invest it with a lover in tax-free reciprocal bonds. Studded leather is optional.

Trip the traffic lights fantastic as you settle like a butterfly into a grinding and extended release.

But I digress... What was the topic again?



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