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A public Service Announcement from the
International Society of Mathematical Sciences (ISMS)

We speak on behalf of Equal Justice. I and my fellow ISMS members are mathematicians, and we call on mathematicians and good people everywhere to join us in decrying the horrible insult that we bear with virtually every newscast. Our profession is maligned, and we need to standup to every newspaper and television station and and tell them that they must right this wrong!

No more will we be forced to feel shame as inconsiderate and insensitive newscasters say
"in the storm's afterMATH..."
No longer will mathematicians unfairly be linked to natural disasters, horrific experiences, or acts of God.
We will force them to spread the blame!
"... in the earthquake's afterEnglish..."
"... the tidal wave's afterSocialStudies left many..."
"... teams of rescue workers are now combing the afterHistory..."

We call on all right-thinking people to help us erase this inequity.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program:
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