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The most famous person nobody has heard of.


My painting of sunrise over Ocracoke Island

Sunrise Over Ocracoke
1995, powdered metal on 2ft x 3ft canvas

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I am not related to Newt Gingrich.
Is Richard Dreyfuss related to Richard Nixon?
Is Mel Gibson related to Mel Brooks?
Having the same first name does NOT imply a family relationship!
Please stop asking if I am related to Newt Gingrich!

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Native Veteran Circle

One translation of the Walk on the Red Road is
Life demands that we exercise perseverance; face adversity with courage; demonstrate fortitude in the midst of temptation; tell the truth no matter how painful; walk in humility; sacrifice for our families; practice generosity to be truly rich; respect all who are part of the Great Circle of life; choose honor above personal gain; act with compassion to the needy; strive for harmony in relationships and otherwise demonstrate the virtues that give meaning to life.

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